How to attract new customers?  How to engage and entertain people who are in my shop? These are the main questions that retailers always ask to themselves.  There is not a unique answer but what is sure is that Digital Signage for retail attracts and keeps your customers. People today want access to last promotions, discounts, new seasonal products, information, other purchasers opinion, deals and generic information. They are always connected to internet with smartphone and tablets and they can use technologies such as bluetooth, i-Beacon, NFC, DLNA to interact with other devices. Marketing and sales managers have to control easily and effectively the communication in all the retail chain, focussing on the message and not on the technology. For all these tasks, Voome Jade Retail Edition is the perfect option.


- Highly scalable software to connect any number of screen

-Service in cloud, so you don’t need any server

- Ease to use and intuitive menu

- Reliable and stable

- Connection through multiple devices

- Real-time updates

- If you have your own data-center, Voome Jade is also on-premises

- In-store Radio


• Helping customers with sizes, colour-matching and combinations through an interactive display like a personal shop assistant

• Seasonal collection, fashion shows, accessories images, showed on multiscreen/videowall

Malls/Large stores:

• Promotions and advertising

• Advanced numerical system for queue management


• Interactive Catalogue

• New posts of the Facebook fan page, pictures published by Instagram and Pinterest, new tweets form Twitter, any content from any social media

• In-store Radio/Background Music