Technological progress is creating many opportunities in the world of communication, and Digital Signage is an example.

Today companies have the possibility to choose, whatever the message they want to communicate, a digital approach compared to the traditional one. These two typologies of communication can also exist through a strategic, complementary combination.

This is why it is important to deepen the potential of Digital Signage, so each sector can recognize which are the new communication needs and why digital resources are becoming indispensable marketing tools.

New opportunities

Digital signage: the advantages of the new way to communicate

  1.  You save time and resources. To implement a Digital Signage strategy, you need to support a predominantly one-off and initial investment, made by the costs of the hardware component and the renewal of the use of the Digital Signage software. Above all, given the strong growth of the Digital Signage market, this one is a kind of investment that can only benefit the company, whatever the sector to which it belongs;
  2. The implementation of the service is really simple and the positive effects that derive from it are immediate: for example, the circulation of information in the company becomes faster and more efficient, avoiding stagnant communication that can damage company activities. Even the updating of information is immediate and takes place through any device equipped with smart software (such as a smartphone, tablet or PC);
  3. The use of the software tool does not require the acquisition of specific skills or personnel;


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4. There will be no waiting times and costs for the paper printing of signs, banners, brochures and flyers, and as there will be no internal communication delays, there will not even be in the external one. This will also save a lot of paper, and it avoids the possibility of brochures and flyers being dispersed into the environment;

5. The content that can be created through a Digital Signage software is certainly more captivating: you have the possibility of sharing more information at the same time. This kind of communication will certainly make a difference in the dynamics of corporate life and in the consumer experience: you’ll have the possibility to monitor the success of the content shared on the screens, evaluating the effect on the target audience.

With our platform you can create the perfect omnichannel communication strategy for your company.

These are some of the advantages of Digital Signage, and Voome has created customized solutions according to the sector to which the company belongs: retail, corporate, banks, museums, events… (you can find them in our website, “Applications” section).


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