Leave behind static posters and billboards! Voome Jade Digital Signage Software removes unnecessary printing costs and makes you go straight to your goal: inform, engage and entertain your customers and visitors.Instantaneous updates, rotating messages and eye-catching visuals with motion improves the effectiveness of your outdoor advertising. Even in transportation, Voome Jade digital signage solution helps customers make reservations, display prices arrival and departure schedules, indicates directions and shows branded advertising to enhance the travel experience. For any other purposes, such as vending machines, ticket machines, money change, car rental, lotteries, and more, Voome Jade Platform is perfect to assure a dynamic, captivating and user-friendly solution for your digital signage.



• Bus shelters and time tables
• Flight information displays
• Video information and advertising at railway stations, airports, trains, cruise ships, bus stations, etc
• Service Status and Anouncments
• Emergency / Evacuation & security information
• Luggage retrieval system information
• Queue magamenent

Outdoor/DOOH (Digital-Out-Of-Home)

• Instantaneous updates, real time messages, eye-catching visuals with motion
• Advertising Campaign Manager
• Video Streaming

And Others

• Vending machines
• Ticket machines
• Money change
• Car rentals
• Lottery