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Reliable and secure digital signage. Just like you are

What is expected from the bank or insurance branch? Reliability not only in the provision of services, but also attention to their needs and timely information. All this goes through effective communication, possibly digital. With Jade you entertain and inform visitors and employees, effectively promoting your new financial services / products, simultaneously showing weather forecast to waiting users, or dynamic welcome messages. With just one click you connect your branches, anywhere in the world.


An evolved and dynamic image of the banking institution is communicated starting from the welcome. Single monitors, video walls and touchscreens help you tell your brand values, promote your services, explain the benefits of your financial products and launch your promotions. Not only that: With Jade you drive towards meeting rooms, counters and common areas for employees and visitors with an automatic way-finding service and minimise customer waiting, thanks to the monitor dedicated to the queue management service at the counters.


Offer your insurance products in a new way, describing their benefits through multimedia content that can already be used upon entering your branches. Informing better and faster is possible with Jade, and without any need for dedicated personnel: just define the playlist and the system will update automatically and in real time. Promotions, offers, information circulars, catalogs, insurance packages and virtually any other video, audio or textual content perfect to increase your professional goals and retain your customers.


  1. Designed for the Finance sector in all its forms, from banking institutions to insurance companies;
  2. Ideal for the most diverse communications: from digital way-finding to the communication of products, catalogs, services;
  3. Perfect for live streaming of events across all locations or branches;
  4. Simple and intuitive Content Management, without the need for dedicated personnel;
  5. Programmable contents that update in real time, automatically;
  6. Simple and multi-device management: PC, smartphone, tablet;
  7. With Jade you can easily manage the queue at the counters with an effective system of eliminating queues;