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Give an immersive experience to your audience

Not just entertainment, but also information, interaction with the public and useful services. With Jade you can manage the communication of your events at 360 degrees, limiting manual operations to a minimum. Dynamic data, from movie trailers to opera librettos, are "fished" by the system and automatically displayed on the screen. Information on dates, times and prices of shows, as well as advertising spaces can be managed by several people at the same time thanks to multi-users.


The digital signage monitors managed by Jade attract the attention of your customers right from the entrance. Direct them to the computerised ticket offices, the bar and the various rooms with the help of convenient directional arrows, communicate the times of the films, current promotions, the price list of the bistro; broadcasts trailers and audio content, streaming events and, in general, any content that contributes to boosting cinema productivity. Without the need for dedicated personnel.


With Jade, you have at your disposal a set of technologies dedicated to informing, educating and entertaining staff and visitors. With our digital signage software, through monitors, projectors and touchscreens you can not only orient visitors in the space with an effective way-finding system, but also tell your exhibitions with descriptions, videos and images explaining the works on display, illustrate the your events, entertain the public with interactive “games”. With Voome Networks solutions, managing the updating of content and the publication of information is simple, fast and intuitive.


Thanks to the Jade content management system you can differentiate the information you want and communicate to faithful and visitors, both on a single screen and on multiple monitors at the same time: masses and events in streaming, guided tours, ticket prices, information on frescoes, paintings, relics and artefacts, as well as the ecclesiastical bulletin board. In just a few clicks, you create your own custom playlist consisting of video, text, audio and images. Not only that: Jade integrates perfectly with the most sophisticated alarm systems in buildings and public environments, which can be activated on the basis of pre-established "triggering events”.


From computerised ticket offices to timely information on plays in progress, Jade helps you speed up and make the various activities of your theatre more precise, managing your content intuitively and from any device: tablet, PC, smartphone. Create a direct line with your users right from the welcome. Multiscreen video walls and led walls are perfect tools to retain your customers and transmit not only essential information about your services, but also service communications and alerts in real time.


In the context of event organisation, interactivity has an added value that is now indispensable. With Jade, manual operations are reduced to a minimum allowing you to focus on the important tasks: communicate the information and messages you want automatically, on different monitors and without the need for further changes by the staff.


Computerised and fast ticket offices and services that make waiting more pleasant are essential in any casino. With Jade, the new concept of digital communication comes into play which entertains users, visitors and employees thanks to monitors, projectors and touch displays. Orient, inform, entertain, communicate news and messages: Voome Networks' solutions allow you to easily manage the updating of content and the instant publication of information. Child's play! 


  1. Designed for the Entertainment sector in all its forms, from cinemas to museums, from churches to stadiums, up to live events;
  2. Orient users with an effective automatic wayfinding system (directional arrows);
  3. Communicates useful information, messages in real time;
  4. Very simple for direct streaming of any type of event;
  5. Can be integrated with alarms and evacuation procedures;
  6. Professional programmatic advertising for the management of advertising campaigns and promotions;
  7. Availability of data in real time: from the ticket office to the seats still available.