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The school of tomorrow is already today with Jade

Information to students on new courses, communications to teachers from the presidency/rectorate, scheduled events, student bulletin boards, directing to classrooms, canteens and bars. With Jade you give more information with one or more monitors: thanks to the possibility of profiling users and assigning permissions and authorisations based on the different roles all within the school, including managers, employees, teachers and students, will be able to manage their part of communication. To create a large community that is always connected.


Starting from the entrance, Jade's Digital Signage orients students in a clear, engaging and automatic way. Any information you wish to communicate can be quickly projected on screens and monitors positioned in various points of the institute: from lesson times to the canteen menu, from the trade union register to the educational bulletin board, from the dates of the institute meetings to the open days, from the presentation of new teachers to real-time messages directly from the presidential office. Jade is useful to everyone: students, faculty, operations staff and visitors.


With the automatic way-finding system you can easily guide teachers, students and visitors to the different areas of the University: the secretariat, the lecture hall, the library, the bar. Communicate in an efficient way changes in time, thematic circulars, dates and times of exams, the notice board of the house search / rent, administrative deadlines. All this in a completely automatic way and in real time, without the need to train dedicated staff.


There is no longer a need for traditional directional signs to direct visitors and students to buildings, classrooms, libraries, gyms, secretariats. With the Jade management system, digital signage adapts to the specific needs of your university or college campus starting from the effective automatic way-finding system. Use led-walls or monitors positioned anywhere on campus to communicate everything you need: lesson times, exam results, the cafeteria menu and to advertise events and services.


  1. Designed for the education sector in all its forms, from schools to universities, from campuses to colleges in the public or private sector;
  2. Orient students, teachers and visitors with an effective automatic way-finding system (directional arrows);
  3. Communicates useful information, real-time messages and alarms and evacuation procedures;
  4. Ideal for communicating the schedule of lessons, presentation of courses and office hours;
  5. Perfect for advertising your school and modernising the image;
  6. Designed to engage students and inform teachers and administrative staff;
  7. It is the digital business card to create a large, always connected community.