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With Jade, digital signage is dedicated to hospitality

Jade allows you to anticipate the needs of your guests. You create welcome messages at the reception, advertise last minute offers, preview rooms and their services, provide weather forecasts, promote Spa offers, manage the price lists of your restaurants and launch your store campaigns. Do it all in just a few clicks. And you can also send alerts on the screen in real time, without changing the playlist in the calendar.


How much information do guests look for in the hotel during their stay? And how many promotions does the property's marketing need to communicate? The answer today is digital, especially for hotel chains that need coordinated and consistent communication. With Jade, you can manage your messages in real time from any device (PC, tablet, smartphone) and distribute any type of content on any screen or monitor on your network.


Send the right information, in the right place and at the right time: with the Jade software platform for digital signage you differentiate the information to be communicated on one or more screens simultaneously. In this way, your accommodation facility will be able to meet the needs of each customer and create the opportunity to promote events and promotions of the day and any other scheduled activity, but also internal services such as bar, restaurant, meeting center, spa. The satisfaction of your guests increases, and with it the loyalty.


During a cruise, the information to be communicated is varied and must be able to reach guests wherever they are. With the Jade platform, your cruise will always have a "digital showcase" to promote services, shops and last minute offers: select the information to be sent on the screen according to the days and time slots, broadcast the price lists of the products with external databases, eg PIM, DAM, etc.). The information will appear on the screen automatically, without requiring any manual intervention. Benefits: You change content when and how you want, avoiding unnecessary printing costs and staffing.


From welcome on board to notices on boarding/disembarking procedures to on board safety regulations. Jade's digital signage is all about efficiency and versatility. It makes your brand recognisable, stimulates the curiosity of guests and improves loyalty, because it communicates all information clearly and quickly. A monitor or video-wall becomes a means to anticipate the most frequently asked questions of customers with videos, travel information and summary, weather forecasts and much more.


With Jade, you can orient the customers of your motel by replacing the classic directional signs with an attractive and effective automatic way-finding system. At the same time, your digital signage monitors will be able to provide useful information regarding any promotions, notices, communications from management, rates, timetables. By integrating perfectly with third-party systems, Jade is able to synchronise with "digital concierge" systems for automatic check-in, thus ensuring guests are welcomed in absolute security and confidentiality.


Who said that good communication goes through complicated systems? Customers of a bed and breakfast often love simple things, but with good taste. A monitor positioned in the breakfast room is enough to put the "icing" on your visitor's stay: in a few clicks you can broadcast the list of main places to visit, scheduled events, weather forecasts, public transport timetables Thanks to Jade's integration with major social media, you can also automatically link your Facebook and Instagram page to the monitor! All in an easy, fast and effective way.


  1. Designed for the Hospitality sector in all its forms, from large hotel chains to Bed and Breakfasts, cruises and ferry trips;
  2. Orient users with an effective automatic way-finding system(directional arrows);
  3. Communicates useful information, messages in real time;
  4. Perfect for promoting the day's events and any other scheduled activity;
  5. Ideal for advertising the various activities of the structure: from the bar to the restaurant, to the wellness center;
  6. Sending instant messages without interrupting or modifying the calendar contents;
  7. No need for dedicated staff.