28 / 10 / 2021

Today a new version of Jade 6.8.2 comes out, with new features, new additions and improvements. Read below the summary of what we have introduced and stay connected for more details or write us !


Jade New Features

  • Advanced Price List: the section for managing price lists and product data was completely revised. From today, product information can be differentiated by location. In this way it is possible to manage different prices for countries, display them in different currencies, or assign to some users the possibility to modify the information of the products as they appear on a single geographical area and at the same time inform an administrator of the variation;


  • “Play last content scheduled”: as you know, in Jade there are many ways to avoid having a black screen, even in the most extreme cases where you forgot to put something on the air! From now on, you can decide to use the last project on air as backup content in case there is nothing scheduled or your device has been offline for several days.


Help Tutorials

To explain in a few seconds how to use a feature or section of Jade we have prepared other new and beautiful video tutorials. Here are the new ones:

  • Notification Menu;
  • Activate Mail Alerts;
  • Advanced Price List;


Security & Optimisation

Jade is a tool from professionals for professionals and even today we prove it once again. From this version of Jade we have made integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD) and the entire PowerBi world possible. From today, therefore, all companies already integrated into the Microsoft world have no excuse to switch to Jade, the only digital signage product certified to work in enterprise environments!

And that's not all: to further increase the security of access for our users and administrators, we have added the possibility of SAML authenticated logins. Companies and institutions can therefore also sleep peacefully with Jade.


For any further information on Jade's functions write to sales@voome.com. We will be happy to answer you!

If you want to try Jade get access to your 30-day free trial: https://voome.com/en/free-trial