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Jade is the digital signage software that makes the difference even in your venue.

Working in food requires speed and precision. We put the same qualities in Jade. With just a few clicks you can create your digital menus, update price lists, show a movie about how dishes are created, share photos posted on your social channels. A perfect recipe for your communication.


When the digital signage monitors are managed by Jade, you capture the attention of your customers and effectively communicate your menu, the dishes of the day, the wine list. In this way, you effectively advertise the excellence of your restaurant or pizzeria and increase in-store sales. Not to mention that Jade also allows you to manage communication campaigns and present price lists, discounts and offers in progress in an incisive way, measuring the return.


Food chains choose Jade because it's more than just a screen message manager. The software allows you to manage any type of multimedia content and distribute it on any screen of your network. Images, videos, audio: what do you want to communicate? The savings in time and resources are immediate, because you do not need dedicated staff to modify the contents: the digital signage monitors will update in real time, automatically.


One of Jade's greatest conveniences lies in the ability to operate from any type of device: PC, tablet and even smartphone. It is very convenient for bars and bistros that want to engage customers quickly and effectively. You can also use Jade to broadcast live streaming events, menus and price lists that are always updated on the screens of your bar. Creating content will be as easy as posting on Facebook.


New tastes? New promotions? No problem: with Jade's Digital Signage, the customers of your ice cream parlor find all the information on their screen. Create your menu boards in a simple and intuitive way and let Jade do the rest. Did you know that with a few clicks you can select specific product lists according to the different time slots? Just add tags and keywords and only the products you want will appear on the monitor.


Many menus and many customers: a typical situation for fast food restaurants, where Jade can really make a difference in your strategic communication. Our digital signage software allows you to conveniently manage long lists of media of all types (videos, images, texts, audio), allowing you to choose and create real schedules to be broadcast on your monitors: list of products, price lists, in-store radio, advertising videos, images and much more.


  1. Designed for the food sector in all its forms, from large restaurant and fast food chains to small bars, bistros and ice cream shops;
  2. Advertise products, menus and price lists in an effective and intuitive way;
  3. Ideal for communicating offers and promotions, even for pre-established days or times;
  4. Thanks to the complete multimedia management, it is also designed for in-store radio and video airing;
  5. It manages communication campaigns and allows you to monitor the results in terms of revenue;
  6. No need for dedicated personnel: Jade updates automatically in real time;
  7. Wide set of predefined templates, freely usable or customisable according to your brand image.