28 / 10 / 2021


System Notifications


Have you tried out the notification feature in Jade ?

Automatic notifications in Jade is a great way to be notified of any problem on the player and monitor: network discontinuity, if monitor is turned off, hardware issues... Choose what you want to monitor and Jade will do the work for you.


Why you have to use notifications ?

Users often underestimate the importance of keeping their digital signage network under control and have the illusion of being able to solve any problem without needing to be informed. Often, however, the problems are different and can occur in a variety of cases such as a lack of content planning, a hardware problem with the device or monitor, a recurring network problem. In all these cases, the user usually spends a lot of time finding the cause of the problem.

Jade offers you the solution thanks to notifications. Notifications can be activated and displayed inside Jade, or programmed to be sent via email. Notifications provide a variety of information not only about where and when a problem occurred but also its possible cause. Knowing the problem, it takes less time to solve it.

In addition, notifications can also be "pro-active" or send alerts before a problem occurs, (e.g. the notice that the planned project will expire the next day). Rather than discovering that the monitor has accidentally shut down after a week, Jade is able to detect monitor activity and immediately notify the user via email. It's easier to rely on a notification center than to check the status of devices in Jade every day!

To explain how notifications work, two new video tutorials have been added: "How to read notifications in Jade" and "How to activate notification alerts via mail ".


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