We are used to acting big. And for Dubai Expo 2020, whose theme was “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, we decided to do things even in a bigger way.

Precisising, our software tool Voome “animated” an aluminum giant 4.5 meters high, one meter wide, and made up of 83 screens. The turnout at the event was 20 million visitors, and certainly our Giant has been a fundamental part of the experience that made the Italian pavilion unforgettable. The hardware component of the Giant has been designed and installed by our partner AVstore and the creation was made for Bracco, a famous company specialized in Life Sciences.

The project was born in 2018 and took 6 months of development.

Due to the pandemic, the Expo was postponed and so was the installation of the giant, which took place at the end of August 2021: our team of professionals went to Dubai, and all stages of the assembly took place in a week (mechanical assembly, positioning of the screens, calibrations, and programming of the electronic equipment), starting from the structure (divided into 4 pieces: base, torso, legs, shoulders / head) in aluminum and then the 83 screens have been positioned.

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Some curiosities:

The “tiles”: each of the 83 screens that make up the giant is made up of a series of “tiles” (mettere foto) assembled together. The tiles have been used as pieces of a huge puzzle, many small screens whose visual content was shown with perfect synchrony thanks to our software tool.


The “electronic” extension: the extension of the electrical connections (i.e. the set of data cables and power cables) that gave life to the Giant exceeds 1 km of length.


Cables as a vascular system: the installation of the tiles involved the presence of cables which, thanks to our professional team, were positioned in order to visually recreate the structure of a human vascular system.

All the work involved in the realization of this project has been as great as the satisfaction collected by our team.


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