Forget all you know about digital signage

All you know about digital signage is water under the bridge: Jade 6.0 is here

All you know about digital signage is water under the bridge: Jade 6.0 is here
Voome Networks has launched the new release of its content management system for a reliable and modern visual communication. 
Wherever you need to communicate, Jade 6.0 is the right answer: from retail chains to shops, from large corporate organizations to small offices, schools, museums, hospitals, pharmacies, and more.
Jade 6.0 is even more powerful, even more intuitive, even easier to use. Find out what you can do now: request for your 30-day FREE TRIAL.

What’s New

A new graphic tool – with a true content preview – and further expanded and improved advanced features, such as integration with all the most widespread Social Media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.) and with Emergency and Evacuation Systems or Queue Management.

4 Editions, Endless Possibilities for Your Business

Jade is available as a cloud service or on customer’s premises. It comes in 4 different editions: Easy, Standard, Retail and Enterprise Edition.
Every edition of Jade corresponds to different levels of complexity, requirement or expertise in a digital signage project.