31 / 03 / 2021

A new version of Jade 6.8.1 is out now with several new features and improvements.

A complete section for space planning and virtual desk reservation has been added together with new templates for all the editions. Here is a list with the new features of Jade:

Jade Booking

  • Space management;
  • Space planning on map;
  • Custom desk reservation;
  • Charts report;
  • Booking tutorials;
  • Fast reservation via QR code;
  • QR code only reservation (no screen);


Help tutorials

  • Use room booking;
  • Use desk booking;
  • Use space planning;
  • Use space report;
  • How to add auto publish;
  • How to get a screenshot from device;
  • How to add auto power-on and off.


Jade Launcher

  • On demand project execution;
  • Smart dynamic content controller;


Bugs fixed and optimisation

  • Static image in sublayer;
  • Title automatic in ticker layer;
  • Webpage layer to avoid CORS issue;
  • RTC optimisation;
  • ODR Channel duration;
  • WebOS process optimisation;
  • Advertising report sensor status;


If you want to try Jade get access to your 30-day free trial: https://voome.com/en/free-trial