28 / 10 / 2021


Advanced Price LIst


Since the first version, Jade is able to manage dynamic data on the screen, that is information that is provided by other systems in real time or that can be modified without having to review the graphics on the screen and having to intervene on the programming manually. Product information and prices are one example. Through the project editor in Jade you can create content with: image, description, name, price and discount of a product. This information is not static but is uploaded through a special section called "Price Lists". Whenever you intervene even on a part of a product's information, this will change in real time on all screens.

Today we have completely revised the “Price Lists” section to make it even more powerful and flexible. In fact, we have introduced the possibility to modify the information of a single or an entire group of products depending on the geographical location of the screen. Not only that, it is also possible to assign the modification permission to a single user or to a single category of users. However, if you are the administrator of that price list, do not worry, Jade will notify you of any changes that your network of users will introduce with respect to the prices and basic information that have been centrally prepared.

To understand the benefit of the new feature, imagine you have two coffee shops in Italy and Japan, where coffee is sold. The original product information will be set in all areas, branches and zones. But if you need to set a different currency, price, name or photo in the area Japan , you can do so by customizing the information specifically for it. It is possible to set a different information according to the position of the monitor. Furthermore, if you are a user with the degree of administrator, every edit of product price list information will be highlighted.

To see and learn how to use the new management section of the "Price Lists", we have prepared a new tutorial: "Advanced price list". Go to the "Tutorial" section after logging in Jade.


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