31 / 03 / 2021

Jade 6.8.1 comes out today with many new features, especially for the management of meeting rooms and desks. Jade Booking is enriched with a section dedicated to "Space Planning”, that is the possibility of inserting and booking workspaces directly on a map. You can also search for your favorite desk or room with a range of freely configurable filters such as: videoconferencing device, laptop, catering service and much more. You can create custom filters or choose the pre-made filters to add to your space. Ultimately, Jade Booking has a new feature that allows to create and book infinite "virtual” spaces by using only codes or QR-codes without digital devices!

Jade Booking is enriched with new and ingenious features.

As a matter of fact, new Jade booking benefits users to accomplish tasks quickly and easily by booking a space in just a few clicks. After you have reserved your space, you are able to invite other participants by sending them invitations via mail directly from booking

You can book spaces in two different ways: precise spaces, where users can request a specific room at exact date and time, and blind-managed, where users can make a request for any room or desk available. Booking reservations can be efficiently managed and supervised by administrators in a specially made report section. Space report section provides detailed information to closely monitor room and resource usage, user activity and much more. This helps you make informed decisions about how best to manage your meeting rooms and desks.

One of the biggest advantages of administrator is a possibility to create new users who can book the spaces in no time. You can also import a .CSV file of the users you want to add inside booking system by simply clicking on import button, and everything else Jade will do automatically.

Tutorial section.

To help users get to know the value and practicality of Jade Booking, there is a new booking tutorials section, that will explain the basic navigation and possibilities you can accomplish with Jade Booking. Whether you are just a normal user who wants to book a space, or administrator who wants to manage and supervise the process, Jade Booking will take you to a new level of productivity and organisation.

If you want to try Jade get access to your 30-day free trial: https://voome.com/en/free-trial