05 / 08 / 2019

Release Jade 6.0: all the new features at ISE 2019

Voome Networks showcased Jade 6.0, the new release of its digital signage software, at ISE, Integrated Systems Europe, on 5-8 February 2019 at the RAI Amsterdam.
For helping marketers and communicators to plan the most immersive in-store experience, Jade Retail has been integrated with further improved functions, such as the Automatic Price and Product Lists connected to external databases (e-commerce, PIM Retail), Social Media Feeds immediately publishable from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin (and more), Programmatic Advertising to reach proximity customers in a personalized way, Media Channels to generate long list of video and audio files, and Personal Shop Assistant to change the content interactively on screens simply pushing a single button on a tablet.

Also for the enterprise and corporate environments Jade will push its limits further by introducing many different kinds of real-time interactions: the On-Demand Remote Controller allows to manage and deliver applications in real-time, the emergency messaging tool with event triggering can be used in case of emergency even connected to fire and alarm systems. Voome has demonstrated how customers can use the Jade platform throughout their everyday business, from global headquarters to small offices, by displaying company data and meeting rooms schedules synchronized with MS Exchange or Google Calendars, showing KPIs in manufacturing and warehousing, visualizing Smart Messages from HR Department, managing directional signs for an effective automatic wayfinding, queue management, and more.

A new advanced graphical editor makes digital signage easier than ever, thanks to a wide set of ready-to-use templates, the ability of a full customization and a new true content preview that drives all users in every step of their way.