Who we are

Voome Networks is a company made of people passionate about technology, Internet, design, music, architecture, writing and a good cuisine, working every day to deliver the best solutions for communication on digital screens.

The willing, from the start, that Voome could improve the Digital Signage market was so strong, that in 2008 the company launched its first solution called “Voome 4”, a complete and professional software platform for digital signage that was well accepted all over the world and has rapidly grown and evolved six years later into a software masterpiece called “Jade”, the definitive content management system, aggregator and platform capable to manage and distribute all kinds of media content on any digital screen.

Today, Jade is used from the smallest neighborhood stores to the largest multinational corporations, and our solution differs in the market starting from the philosophy.

Simplicity is the quality of being simple, and with that in mind, Jade’s graphical interface is specially designed for everyone, independent of your computer skills.

By seamlessly integrating with third-party systems – such as social media networks, e-commerce’s, emergency and evacuation systems, room booking systems, ERP, CRM, queue management systems, and much more, so Jade simplifies and automates data collection and visualization processes your you in simple steps.

You can find Jade in the Cloud base environment and also as On-Premise Licenses, being composed by four editions (i.e. versions): Jade Easy, Jade Standard, Jade Retail and Jade Enterprise.

Geographically speaking, Voome Networks headquarter is based in Italy, in a city called Brugherio very near the well-known Milan, and fiscally speaking, our team is proudly international, speaking between Italian, English, Russian and Portuguese every day and at the same sentence.