Banks become more consolidated and with higher security standards while financial services become more and more complex. In this contest is very important to be able to quickly update information to all branches across a city, state, country or even the world. Contents must be controlled locally or from a central location, keeping all the employees updated and informed on rules and stock market changes. Another important advantage is the cost saving of paper and time. For example, instead of having to print new brochures, advertising posters or data sheets every time, the digital signage can be updated electronically and immediately. Voome Jade Corporate Edition is the perfect solution for all these needs.


Real Time Messages and Stock Quotes

• Real-time updating of announcements and messages
• Local events, weather and news
• Graphs and chart of stock quotes from each world Stock Exchange
• Dynamic and engaging content to inform customers about financial services
• Queue management
• Automatic wayfinding

Insurance Agencies

• Projecting a positive brand image
• Updated promotional campaigns and new services introductions for customers, with specific layouts
• Queue managing and appointments scheduling
• Social media engagement

Real Estate

• Advertising and promotion
• Social media engagement
• Dynamic content to inform customers about financial services
• Building a positive brand image
• Showing properties for sale whilst the office is closed

Direct Line Between Headquarter and Branches

• Same corporate image
• Continuous communication with employees regarding health plans, retirement, safety and other important items
• Educating on safety protocols
• Display statistical achievements and goals in real time (e.g. opening current accounts/policies, analytical data on website and Social Media,…)