Internal communication is today the most important value to improve the employees engagement and their motivation. Many companies try to disseminate information through different channels (e-mails, magazines, dashboards, intranet) but it could be worthless because people don’t pay the right attention to these media or because it’s difficult to keep them updated.

Furthermore the quantity and complexity of information that might be distributed are high: wayfinding, security signs, corporate social responsibility, training courses, analysis, statistics and surveys, job opportunities, etc. 

An effective communication in the workplace should send uniform messages reaching all the people which work in all the branches of the same company. Voome Jade Corporate Edition is made for it.


Internal Communication:

• Automatic layouts with dynamic data and custom templates for meeting rooms
• Various type of template available for different kind of notice board
• Data analysis, sell-in and sell-out figures, trend of company stocks


• News and information to employees and visitors
• Emergency signage, emergency rules, indications and services
• Increase your company's brand awareness

Production Sites:

• Safety rules: emergency rules, indications and signs
• Real time data from machines such as pieces counter, display showing energy and CO2 saving
• Production statistics: updated statistical data and process analysis


• Dynamic information with automatic arrows for an effective wayfinding
• Data Real-time sync with MS Exchange and Google Calendar
• Internal room booking tool
• Meeting room displays