The main goal of digital signage is to entertain and certainly entertainment places need advanced solutions of digital signage. Pictures, video streaming, fliers, contents location, real-time data and ticket offices are what people expect to find when they go to a theatre, a cinema, a museum, a casino and a stadium. Voome Jade Corporate Edition can manage all these types of people engagement, increasing customers fidelity and operators profits. 



• Digital posters, electronic signs
• Scrolling/sliding autocue, lyrics, surtitles, opera libretto
• Ticket office information
• Real-time Available Seats and Shows


• Show Times (also from external databases)
• Video Trailers with information of actors, plot and duration
• Real-time Available Seats
• Listings and Film Reviews


• Managing exhibits/Contents location
• Interactive guides on touch screens
• Interactivity with mobile devices and i-Beacon technology
• Ticket office information
• Queue Management


• Streaming events
• Real-time statistics
• Wayfinding signage for helping fans to find their sit and emergency exits


• Real-time data, jackpot reached, game scores, best better/ best winner of the day
• Event Agenda
• Live shows (streaming)

Amusement Park

• Promote sales at gift shops and restaurants
• Enhance wayfinding through interactive maps
• Advertising and promotion
• Social media engagement
• Emergency signage, emergency rules.