Healthcare is probably the most important thing of every human life. Today the concept of healthcare structure means both hospitals and medical centers, built to respond to many different needs.

Healthcare digital signage solutions are indicated to help visitors and patients informing them about clinic hours, exams and screenings, way finding and medical offerings, but also to promote third-party advertisings and customer services (like pharmacy, medical treatments) through digital signage screens. Voome Jade Digital Signage Software for healthcare enhances your patient experience.


• Advanced numerical system for queues management
• Dynamic indications and directional arrows for patients and visitors
• Entertainment in waiting rooms with the last news, appointments (i.e. the hour of Mass, hours of visits, doctors rooms)

Medical Centers

• Automatic wayfinding to help patients, visitors and staff members get going in the right direction
• Queue management
• Meeting room/Conference Center Template
• A pill of Education. Showcase in the wanting room informations that matter, like registration details, wellness tips, motivational quotes, and more.
• Share your company website or favorite health tip sites on your digital displays
• Local events, weather and news in real time
• Voome Jade Radio In-store (Backround music) to ameliorate the wait
• Social media engagement (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc)
• Display prices and medical treatments schedules