Gym/Wellness Center

Guests of your fitness center just want to have fun? Pump up their emotional experience! Voome Jade Corporate Edition empowers you to show any graphical content on your digital displays. Upload instructional videos, share motivational posters and social media posts, show class or course schedules, promotions, live trainings, digital directories and just about anything else you need to communicate. Whether you have one or multiple screens, there are infinite ways to communicate. Live events from TV, headline news and the best scores on the exercise machines are just few ideas for your videowall. Between Marc and Paul on the treadmill, who is going to win the day?


Real Time Messages, Events and Streaming Video

• Display class and course schedules
• Live training and streaming video
• Real-time updating of announcements and messages
• Local events, weather and news
• Build a social media hub with social media engagement (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)
• Automatic wayfinding

Wellness Center/Spa

• Emotional VIdeos and Background Music
• Display prices and treatments schedules promotional campaigns
• Digital directory (Turkish steam bath, Solarium, Experience showers)
• Voome Jade Radio In-store (Backround music)
• Real-time updating of announcements and messages
• Local events, weather and news
• Social media engagement (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)


• Promote retail products (energy drinks, fitness wear)
• Promote sales at gift shops and restaurants
• Publicize exercise/workout classes (Pilates, Yoga, Aquatics)
• Highlight membership specials, new services and programs
• Display vendor ads to earn advertising fees
• Menu boards

In-Store Radio

• Top quality background music for your gym, fitness center or Spa
• Using the Radio In-Store features of Voome Jade you get access to a catalog of over 150.000 music tracks, matching every marketing need. Using a simple, intuitive interface you can choose the best channel for your business