Like a gem with many reflections, Jade makes sure you have the complete versatility. With four different editions.
All you have to do is choose the right version of Jade that suits you the best.

Easy and instant, like a social media.
It is an app designed to clear the gaps between you and your digital screens. You can use it from a tablet or a smartphone to publish on screens images and videos with just three clicks.
All you have to do is upload an image, create the media sequence and select one or more screen of your network. That's it.

Exactly what you need.
The name says it all: Jade Standard is the version dedicated to "standard" digital signage projects in every scenario, from corporate to retail environments. It has exactly what you need: intuitive graphical interface, professional widgets (RSS Feed, News, Weather, Date, Time), multi-user and unlimited display control, anywhere in the world. A set of ready-to-use templates will make your job even easier.

The best friend of your digital transformation.
First of all, we thought of your shop, restaurant or bar. And then we tailored Jade Retail on it. Its automatic functions are so powerful that they enable any scenario quickly and easily.
You can engage your audience with the integration of Social Media feeds, publish streaming videos, keep your price lists updated, show product catalogs, digital menus and give your sales team the special function named digital Shop Assistant.

Even more complete. Even more powerful.
Jade Enterprise is the most complete edition, and also the most powerful. To inform in real time and engage your employees, respecting everyone's autonomy. The multi user function allows you to work in teams, assigning specific permissions and roles without the risk of overdoing the work. The perfect integration with third-party systems ensures to manage in the best way your room booking solutions, human resource messages, social media, wayfinding, evacuation systems and Industry 4.0.

A better use of the space in my office

"Jade Booking has been a surprise: it enables a better use of space…we now have a more dynamic and flexible work environment".