Launcher: a directing tool

Discover the potential of the web-app

We called it “Launcher” and it is a real directing tool.

We’ll tell you more about it with simple examples, so that you can easily understand its potential.


Do you need to show immediately a product to a customer, for example a pair of sneakers, on a specific screen placed in your store?


Log in from your smartphone, tablet or pc, with the same credentials you use to log into our platform.

Choose the screen you prefer, click on the project you want to share and select the product you want to show to the customer!

Once these steps have been carried out, Launcher will immediately stop viewing the content scheduled for that screen and the product will be shown.


Do you want the screen to show the previous content? You just need to stop sharing the product and everything will return as it was originally planned.

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You can integrate your own product database, of course.

You don't have a product database?

No problem: with the Retail Edition you can get a set of advanced price lists and customizable product data.


Launcher applications aren’t limited to sharing products: you can show other content, such as instant messages, events, and playlists.


Another example of Launcher applications?

There is an event going on in the conference room and you want to share the presentation’s speech of one of the guests on the screens. Access the Launcher, interrupt the content in progress on the screens and publish the presentation.

Once the speech is over, you can share other content or return to the “original” schedule, with just a couple of clicks! We made two examples, but the applications of Launcher are many.

And remember to use your creativity without limits!

You have the possibility to create highly customizable and eye-catching projects. Create unique and original content using the many layers available: this kind of content will play a fundamental role in the customer experience.

For any information about Launcher and our platform do not hesitate to contact us, we will solve all your doubts!



the Voome team