Voome Jade Corporate Edition is designed to inform visitors and employees in corporate organizations and public places. The software has several ready-to-go functionalities such as meeting rooms schedule, industry KPI statistics, digital notice boards, streaming videos and real-time information. Contents can be managed almost automatically, relieving your staff from the task of programming a timely schedule. Administration is typically done through web browser and it allows non-technical users to make changes with little or no training.


Information about meetings and events are always updated automatically and in real-time. If you have a booking solution such as Microsoft Outllook/Exchange Server or Google Calendar don’t worry: the Voome Jade agenda is ready to be linked.

Use a library of professional layouts, such as images or video sequences, meeting rooms, ticket information services, news/weather/stock/quotes/live streaming, video-wall layouts and live on-screen texts.

Don’t waste your time drawing arrows in the right direction: the wayfinding signs are created automatically and differently for each screen.

Combine real-time textual information with other media, for instance a multicast video streaming of live events.

Voome Jade can be integrated into existing IT infrastructures in a easy way, bringing clear benefits thanks to its stability and process automation.