Voome Jade Retail Edition is the perfect solution for creating and managing exciting and effective messages on retail digital signage displays. The software uses different templates specifically designed for the retail market: emotional videos, promotional campaigns, menu boards, infotainment screens and many more. You can rotate, modify and update display contents in every store, both separately and as a whole, in real time through a network connection. Voome Jade Retail Edition enables infinite possibilities. 


Help your customers with sizes, colour-matching and combinations just through an interactive display or through a mobile app in the hands of a shop assistant.

Manage your price lists and menu boards comfortably from a web page.

Take advantage of the real-time capabilities of the system using dynamic data fields, for instance prices can be automatically updated.

Screens can be divided in areas, branches and zones, giving you the freedom to decide the complexity of your network.

Receive real-time warnings from media players when something is not operating at the right level or simply when network connection is getting into troubles.