Monitor the information flow on your screens

Publish, delete, edit your contents wherever you are and whenever you want!

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Monitor the information flow on your screens

You own the control!

Whatever the content you show on your screens, our software allows you to edit it wherever and whenever you desire. With just a click on your smartphone, tablet or pc, you’ll change or delete it immediately, and all your screens will be updated in real time

The full control is in your hands, you decide and our software executes!


The content you share is always under your control: through the screen capture you can check in real time what’s on your screens.

Did you accidentally post incorrect information, or do you need to update it urgently? Don’t worry, with our software you can do it! And the process is as simple as it is immediate.


Our highly customisable solutions will also allow you to select the information to be sent on the screen according to the days and time slots, but not only: once the calendar has been defined, the information will appear on the screen automatically, without requiring any other manual intervention!

What are you waiting for? You can start now!

Powerful – scalable – reliable – flexible




We put the most MODERN web-based technologies on it. For this reason from any device – your pc, tablet or smartphone – you’ll be able to access a single web interface and manage the digital screens of your network.


With our software you can EASILY load, program and publish all multimedia content on your monitors in just a few clicks!


Our strength lies in the complete INTEGRATION with several applications. You can make your screens communicate with the applications which you use every day (such as your e-commerce or social media) and it automatically updates the content shared.