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A set of advanced tools included in Standard offer you a unique solution, for any device:


Standard Edition makes things a lot easier! It offers you a set of ready-to-use templates: they can be used as they are or can be customised: 


Decide where your content must be displayed. Our platform puts in your hands a “live map” of your digital signage network:


Do not worry about repeated content or “black screens”. Define when your new fresh content should reach its destination setting day, time and priorities: 

You should know that:

Access to our platform from any web browser and any device (pc, tablet or smartphone): you do not have to install anything anywhere. Upload, manage and deploy all the content you wish across your global digital signage network. Remotely control an unlimited number of displays around the world. 

The platform has a complete set of professional features, including user permissions, groups and roles, security settings and advanced diagnostics. Keep your network under control with the professional Diagnostic Tool: download log files, take screenshots, and more for any display of your network. 

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing everything is safe and secure with our Network Operations Center’s engineers. Our tech team drives you in every step of the way. Support ticket activity, causes and resolutions, as well as tips and documents are always in your hands. 

The platform comes in four different versions to meet all types of business: Easy, Standard, Retail and Enterprise Edition. Every edition corresponds to different levels of complexity, requirement or expertise in a digital signage project. Our software is available as a cloud service or on customer’s premises. 

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Voome Solution


Standard Edition is the perfect visual communication solution for your digital signage network. There is all you need: simple management, engaging widgets, multi-users and multi-location control:

Voome Solution


A set of advanced tools included in Retail offers you a unique solution to fit all requirements and have full control of the network at any scale:

Voome Solution


Enterprise Edition is the fully featured edition born to power even the most sophisticated digital signage networks:

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