Digital Communication Hub

Digital Signage Platform for Omnichannel strategies

Integration is the key

Why “Digital Communication Hub”?

Born as a software tool for Digital Signage, today Voome is a cloud platform that identifies itself in a hub integrated with the most important work tools, that allows you to create effective omnichannel strategies communicated through screens.


Everyone can easily use our platform, no technical knowledge is required. You can create and share your content in just a few clicks!


Our platform features the most modern and powerful technologies: share your content wherever and whenever you want!


Our strength lies in the complete integration between applications: advanced tools allow you to update the content automatically and in real time!

Give uniqueness to your communication

Play with your creativeness, without limits!

Your Digital Signage
for Retail

Using keywords or “tags”, our software will create the price lists and playlists you desire most. The result is simple and immediate, just like when you post on Facebook or Twitter!

With the "shop assistant" function your job inside the store will become easier: with a simple click on the tablet you can decide to pause the playlist and share on screens a cloth that is not more available in the store, showing its model and colours!


Optimize the service management and manage queues
Banking and insurance
Share essential information with customers and employees and manage queues.
Guide visitors through an interactive experience
Events and entertainment
Show live streams, advertise campaigns and guide the audience through the event
Chain stores
A single platform to manage your omni-channel strategy
Communicate with your employees and organize spaces in a few clicks

Your communication is safe

Our professional team is constantly engaged with the aim of guaranteeing you the best experience with the platform, and it is always available to solve any need you may have!