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These brands place their trust in the Voome digital signage Cloud platform.

Stay constantly informed on the news concerning your activities, updated in real time!

The flow of information and data that is shown on the screens is always under your control!

Engage your staff actively through interactive announcements shared on  screens!

Digital Signagefor healthcare facilities

With our software, all the content that you share on your screens will be updated in real time: important communications to patients and staff will be provided without manual intervention. The updating of the contents is automatic, the publication is instantaneous.

Unsightly and expensive paper "directional" signs will be replaced by an automatic wayfinding system (directional arrows) that will guide patients and staff in a practical and fast way to meeting rooms, offices, departments. There is also the possibility to show direct streaming of an event that is taking place inside a meeting room!

Your digital showcase

Our platform gives the opportunity to your healthcare facility to dispose of a “digital showcase” to promote your services. Our highly customizable solutions will allow you to select the information to be shared on the screen according to the days and time slots. Once the information that you desire to publish has been defined, it will appear on the screen automatically, without requiring any other manual intervention. Among the advantages you will also have the possibility to modify the contents when and how you want!


When a user arrives at a healthcare facility, he expects punctuality and professionalism in the provision of services and timely information on performance and waiting times. All of this can be easily achieved through effective and punctual communication, that today can only be digital. Digital signage is a set of technologies dedicated to informing and entertaining as many users as possible. Ledwalls, monitors, projectors, touchscreens can be used to communicate news and messages regarding the services provided by hospitals and health clinics. Voome solutions are the fastest and easiest way to manage the updating of content and the instant publication of information.

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Voome has created a content management system suited for your digital signage communication.

Our software does everything you need, and much more.

Our software is technologically advanced, very easy to use and powerful, it represents the perfect ally for your business!

It is the communication that occurs through display technologies: text, images, animations, video, and audio shown on screens. Our software is the tool created to manage this type of communication.

From the simplest to the most complex scenario. Each sector has specific needs, which is why Easy, Standard, Retail and Enterprise have been created: 4 types of licenses to give you exactly what you need.

The digital signage market is constantly evolving and growing, the impact is enormous and so it is the potential lying within. The great flexibility and versatility of our software allow you to realize, starting today, what will be required by the digital signage of tomorrow.

Our software has the most modern web-based technologies. For this reason, no installation is required: from your PC, tablet or smartphone you can access a single web interface and manage all the digital screens on your network. 


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