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Unified Platform for Offices, Production, and Logistics: Displaying Data and Internal Messages


These brands place their trust in the Voome digital signage Cloud platform.


Capture Attention

By optimizing processes, production can be significantly improved. According to an Infotrend analysis, incorporating screens in factories offers a clear view of machine statuses, resulting in a remarkable 25% increase in overall performance


Brand Awareness

According to a comprehensive analysis by InfoTrend, fostering a strong sense of belonging among employees with the brand leads to a remarkable 47% increase in productivity. When employees feel deeply connected to the organization's values, mission, and identity, they become more motivated, committed, and invested in their work. 

Integrate with
your systems

The power of

Effortlessly integrate it with your primary ERP/CRM and Smart Factory systems, streamlining communication processes and gaining complete control over your entire infrastructure. By seamlessly connecting these essential components, you simplify data exchange and enable efficient collaboration between departments.

Inform and Engage Effectively

One of the challenges faced by traditional communication systems on monitors is the complex management of graphic models and related content. Our system seamlessly integrates graphic schemes with messaging logic, enabling you to change messages with a simple click. Moreover, with our advanced integrations, you can effortlessly create automated communication flows, streamlining the entire process.

Experience an Upgraded Noticeboard and Communication System for Shift Management

The improved version breaks down the original text into two concise sections, emphasizing the core benefits of the digital bulletin board.

It focuses on optimizing communication processes and enhancing employee engagement through regular updates and involvement in company initiatives. The language is clearer and more engaging, making it appealing to potential users or employees.

Unified Platform for Your Entire Company

Optimize Internal Communication Management with a Unified Platform, Seamlessly Integrated with Internal and External Systems. Unlock the Power of Voome to Unify Office Screens into a Cohesive Communication Process. Integrate with Key ERP/CRM and Smart Factory Systems, Streamlining Communication and Gaining Full Infrastructure Control.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Voome has created a content management system suited for your digital signage communication.

Our software does everything you need, and much more.

Our software is technologically advanced, very easy to use and powerful, it represents the perfect ally for your business!

It is the communication that occurs through display technologies: text, images, animations, video, and audio shown on screens. Our software is the tool created to manage this type of communication.

From the simplest to the most complex scenario. Each sector has specific needs, which is why Easy, Standard, Retail and Enterprise have been created: 4 types of licenses to give you exactly what you need.

The digital signage market is constantly evolving and growing, the impact is enormous and so it is the potential lying within. The great flexibility and versatility of our software allow you to realize, starting today, what will be required by the digital signage of tomorrow.

Our software has the most modern web-based technologies. For this reason, no installation is required: from your PC, tablet or smartphone you can access a single web interface and manage all the digital screens on your network. 


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