Voome Networks has launched the new release 6.6 of its content management system for a reliable and modern visual communication Jade

Room Booking & Workspace Management Plug-In and further expanded and improved advanced features, such as the new integrations for LG’s webOS and new integrations with the world’s leading advertising technology companies for Programmatic Advertising. These are the main new features include into Jade 6.6.

Find out what’s new: 

JADE FOR Room Booking & Workspace Management 

  • 10” meeting room monitor + 3,5” desk booking monitor support
  • QRCode activation for meeting room/desk monitors
  • Jade Booking linked with Jade Easy
  • Jade Booking Reports
  • Google Calendar & Exchange/Office365 Push Notification & Events Integration
  • New Settings Menu “Styles Library” for Booking App personalization
  • Jade Meeting App

New integrations for LG’s webOS:

  • WebOS App 
  • WebOS Specific Jade Accounts created
  • HTML Layers on WebOS
  • WebOS device internal configuration
  • WebOS QRCode activation
  • WebOS device full remote control (UPDATE,RESET,CLEAR)
  • New ticker for WebOS
  • WebOS Fonts

New Integrations for SpinetiX 4K

  • Jade support for 4K videos
  • Jade HMP400 support added 

Other important features:

  • New Integration with advertising technology platform companies for Programmatic Advertising: Jade /ADForm, Jade/VideoSauce integration, Jade/Cerebro integration, Jade/Pladway integration, 
  • Jade Wizard for adding devices
  • Media preview in scheduler screen 
  • RPC Server code updated to prevent reboot
  • Jade Real Time Call Server Creation (RTC) 
  • New Counter Layer 
  • New Interactive Javascript Layer 
  • New Graph Layer
  • Jade devices World Map fullscreen
  • Jade Schedule Clone Period Timeline 
  • Device Audio Control by time
  • Device luminosity/brightness Control by time 

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