Advanced Price List

Manage product description, price, image, video, part numbers and QrCode. Collect items into a price list and update screens in real-time without any hassle.

The Price List tool can be easily connected to your e-commerce or PIM Retail database

How it works

Set a different price
for each country

Discover Advanced Price List. A very powerful feature of Voome Digital Communication Hub which automates prices according to the location of the product.

You own stores in Italy and UK that sell the same products but at different prices.

You don't need to create content for each product, in each market, with each price.

Connect your database/PIM or do everything from our software.


Make it simple, two clicks on our platform and you will immediately make the specific change you need on your digital list shown on the store screens.

Your story is waiting to be told. Let’s do it together.

Unlock enhanced communication with Voome Digital Signage Cloud Platform

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