We refined the Advanced Price List feature to make it more powerful and flexible, for you.

Let’s start from a little introduction of the feature:

through the “Advanced Price List” function integrated with our platform, you’ll be able to modify the information published on your screens located around the world. Distance is not a limit and the direction tool is entirely in your hands: from your smartphone, tablet or pc you can edit the information published on the screens, wherever they are placed.

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This feature has been designed for those who have screens positioned in different cities, regions or states: a typical context that you can see especially in the retail world!

You use the screens for in-store marketing, showing the price lists of the products you offer and the current promotions: Here, Advanced Pricelist comes into play. From Italy to Japan you need to differentiate the currency, price, name and images of the products, and this feature allows you to do so. After entering basic information about the products on the platform, from your smartphone, tablet or PC you can customize it for each screen, according to the needs that its geographical location entails.

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Now you know that you have the possibility to change the information of a single or an entire group of products depending on the geographic location of the screen.

Remember that you can also associate this specific modification permission to a single user or a category of users. And if you are an “administrator” user, the platform will notify you of any changes that your network of users will introduce regarding product information.

To learn how to use Advanced Price Lists, we provide you with a dedicated tutorial. You can find it in the "Tutorial" section of the platform.

We hope this article was useful to you. If you want to have more information about all the integrations of our platform and how to apply their potential within your business, do not hesitate to contact us at sales@voome.com and visit our website www.voome.com!


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