Tailoring Your Message for Maximum Impact

Enhance your communication by tailoring it to diverse audiences. Voome Digital Signage Cloud Platform enables you to adapt the tone of voice to specific requirements for each city, area, or office. Customize content for different regions, cluster it effectively, or even craft personalized vertical channels.

Attract attention effortlessly: Engaging videos or animations are unparalleled in catching attention from a distance. Picture effortlessly managing screens of any size or shape, all automated, remote-controlled, and completely secure.


Instant Communication Made Easy

Effortlessly broadcast business communications to all devices across your office, factory, or warehouse with just a single click. Maintain your routine schedule while sending critical messages without the need for structural adjustments. But there's more: Customize your team's roles on the platform, ensuring secure freedom of movement without any risk of programming alterations.

It also streamlines communication management processes within the company, reducing time constraints. The digital noticeboard serves as a convenient and intuitive information tool. Beyond merely conveying work shift details, it enables the dissemination of updates, news, and involvement in various initiatives, fostering greater employee engagement and collaboration.

Total Control from Day One!

Voome stands as the platform that brings solace to IT managers; it's the cohesive force uniting all facets of business. Offices, production units, logistics, and sales outlets converge seamlessly under one umbrella platform. Moreover, Voome seamlessly integrates with the Room Booking system, enabling not just the management of meeting spaces but also enhancing internal communication, effectively transforming each display into an internal communication tool.

With Voome, everything is primed and under control from the outset. Gone are the concerns of aligning projects, synchronizations, or subsequent compatibility issues. The Voome platform is cherished by leading companies for its unwavering assurance in achieving objectives and its enduring stability over time.

Unlock enhanced communication with Voome Digital Signage Cloud Platform


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