For its technological revolution, the Union of Merchants of Milan chose Voome which, thanks to the Partner Ricoh Italia who oversaw the implementation of the A / V project, provided the institution with a complete digital signage solution.

Technological innovation

From paper signage to digital signage

The aim of the Confcommercio management was mainly to effectively advertise all the events of the Congress Center, replacing the traditional paper signage with a completely digital system. Ricoh analyzed the needs of Confcommercio Milano and developed a project for the distribution of information via monitor,

 which also took into account the architectural aspects of the building, characterized by LG display, SpinetiX media player and Voome software, which represents the heart of this installation.

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Integrated digital communication

The digital solution is harmoniously integrated with the style of the historic building. In such a context of artistic value, it was necessary to study a digital communication solution that would harmoniously integrate with the style and materials of the historic building, tracing a sort of imaginary bridge between tradition and innovation.

An example of Italian Liberty

“In our offices in Milan we have several rooms, including a large congress center with about 800 seats – explains Antonio Tascone, Purchasing Manager at Confcommercio Milan. The need was to modernize the user service, using it precisely for the congress center. Clear graphics with timely messages broadcast on our monitors allow us to make the most of our spaces. For the near future we intend to use the monitors also to sell advertising to external customers, especially on the occasion of special events “.


Considered among the highest examples of Italian Liberty and erected in one of the most elegant and noble streets of Milan, Palazzo Castiglioni is not only the headquarters of Confcommercio Milan, but it welcomes tourists from all over the world every day, attracted above all by the large staircase and of the veranda in which the features of the bourgeois architectural model of the late nineteenth century are enclosed.

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