Generate  a QR code and integrate with your booking system.

Organize appointments in your store, push your customers to fill up a form and do it thanks to Voome technology.

How it works

Qrcode and Booking Integration

Generate the qr code through the Voome platform.

Create a new layer in the editor and clip the qrcode to your video or image.

Share it in the monitors of your stores.


It’s important for businesses to find ways to connect the physical and digital worlds in order to create a seamless and immersive #experience for their customers.

One way to do this is by using QR codes and videos in combination to create an engaging experience.


For example, a QR code could be placed next to a product in a #store, directing customers to a video that showcases the features and benefits of the product.


This not only provides customers with more information but also helps to create an interactive experience, easily connecting customers to #digital content or experiences related to your business.

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