Sharing information has never been so easy.


Be always on time!

Communicating timely and precise information is a necessity, especially when the messages are urgent. Phone calls and emails take time and often cause communication delays.
No worries! We give you the solution: through our platform, you’ll just have to click on your pc, tablet or smartphone to immediately share the message on all your screens! 

Manage your messages easily

We wrote some examples that will help you understand better the messaging function that our platform offers. It is very simple and quick and you’ll see the extreme versatility of the software tool, suitable for every kind of need:

1. You can promote on a screen the day’s events and any other scheduled activity, while simultaneously providing information on the weather forecast and the latest news of the day;

2. You can interact with third-party systems, such as alarm and evacuation systems, by programming the publication of the indications for the nearest emergency exit every time the fire alarm is activated;

3. One of the problems which regards companies with offices open to the public is certainly the queue at the counter. With our platform you can eliminate the problem by eliminating the queue. A display positioned at the entrance will manage the numbering in real time, directing customers to the appropriate counter for providing the service requested.



Discover why our platform is so great:

We put the most MODERN web-based technologies on it. From any device - your pc, tablet or smartphone - you’ll be able to access a single web interface and manage the digital screens of your network. With our software tool you can EASILY load, program and publish all multimedia content on your monitors in just a few clicks! Our strength lies in the complete INTEGRATION with several applications. You can make your screens communicate with the applications which you use every day (such as your e-commerce or social media) and it automatically updates the content shared.

Unlock enhanced communication with Voome Digital Signage Cloud Platform

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