Showing your catalogue on screens can be a winning move.


Your catalogue on your screens

Connect your e-commerce with our platform: you’ll take advantage of price lists that can be automatically updated on all your screens! Our software tool helps you in the digital transformation of your store and allows you to give to your customers an unforgettable shopping experience! Showcase your collections, update price lists, advertise promotions, share photos and videos and use your tablet as a virtual shop assistant service!

Whatever your business needs, we have the solution.


Retail chains can implement a digital signage strategy through monitors to capture the attention of customers, to advertise effectively products and promotions and of course to increase sales. With the Retail edition of our platform, you will have a content management system that can do all this and much more in a simple, fast and intuitive way. Its immediacy is the same of publishing a post on Facebook or Twitter!


Even single point of sales can greatly benefit from using our platform, just as it happens for large retail chains: you can create price lists and in the same time a playlist for in-store background music or a sequence of video and images, even by starting with just a keyword in your mind! You will save time and resources: anyone can use our platform and you will not need technical training or dedicated personnel. The screens update in real time and automatically!


Our platform offers an edge to shopping malls and large-scale distribution, building customer loyalty and improving the experience, increasing your profits. Activate your playlists, manage your communication campaigns, launch new marketing strategies, catalogs, discounts, price lists and offers.


Why not tell the exclusivity of your boutique and its products through an advanced digital signage system? Our software was born for this: it works from any device such as pc, tablet or smartphone and it allows you to manage any multimedia content (images, audio, video) and distribute it on all your digital screens.



Discover why our platform is so great:

It has been specially designed for the world of retail in all its forms, from commercial chains to single points of sale; You have in your hands the complete management of any multimedia content and the possibility of distributing it on all the screens of your network; There is no need for specific personnel to use the platform, given the simplicity of its use; You can independently create and update price lists and playlists using keywords; Have digital support for online sales thanks to the Shop Assistant function; The platform can be integrated with the most important programmatic advertising systems and with the most popular social media feeds.

Unlock enhanced communication with Voome Digital Signage Cloud Platform

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