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Digital Signage, frequently known as display communication, is swiftly emerging as a vital instrument for informing and captivating employees.

How Does the Employee’s Requirements Evolve?

Before delving into company communication, it’s paramount to comprehend the current landscape and the rationale behind revisiting communication strategies and tools to engage your employees.

Discontent within the Italian labor market, and beyond, has become pervasive, underscored by research from the Milan Polytechnic’s Observatory. The aftermath of the pandemic has led to a shift in work expectations, manifesting in increased resignations and a quest for a more fulfilling professional sphere. Nonetheless, even job transitions frequently fail to meet these expectations, with a mere 7% of workers claiming satisfaction. Only 11% report well-being across psychological, interpersonal, and physical dimensions. A particularly pressing concern is mental health, with 42% of workers having taken sick leave within the past year.

So, what measures are enterprises undertaking to address this need?

Digital Signage, often recognized as display communication, is rapidly gaining traction as an indispensable tool within companies, driving internal communication enhancement and heightened productivity. Its capacity to succinctly present crucial information on screens empowers businesses to apprise their workforce of significant events, production insights, safety statistics, while fostering a sense of allegiance to the brand.

One of the primary applications of Digital Signage within corporate settings revolves around the concept of a digital bulletin board. This dynamic tool empowers companies to broadcast real-time information across monitors, encompassing the latest updates in company news, sales figures, factory shifts, internal policy revisions, and staff-centric occasions. This practice cultivates a shared identity among employees and cultivates a robust infrastructure for internal communication.

When transplanted into manufacturing environments, this display technology takes on a new dimension by offering real-time access to production data. This invaluable feature enables employees to oversee production proceedings and remain attuned to progress. Its significance is notably pronounced in sectors such as manufacturing and logistics, where seamless coordination among team members is pivotal for optimal production efficiency and waste minimization.

The content presented on these displays can be tailored to correspond with the specific area within the company. For instance, in coworking or relaxation zones, these screens can morph into instruments of employee training and development. Educational content like training videos and presentations can be showcased, thus fostering the enhancement of employee skills and competencies.

An integration of paramount importance is the amalgamation with security systems, thereby transforming the display communication platform into an alert mechanism. Additionally, certain screens can be dedicated to disseminating workplace safety information, effectively conveying potential hazards and preemptive measures. This continuous stream of safety-related insights bolsters employee awareness and contributes to a reduction in workplace accidents.

In summation, a return to data underscores the potency of this mode of internal company communication, attributing a 47% increase in “Brand Awareness” among employees (source: InfoTrend). This metamorphoses Digital Signage into a cornerstone instrument for nurturing brand affiliation. It emerges as an innovative option that is progressively embraced by companies to fortify internal communication and elevate productivity. With its innate capacity to adeptly showcase information, Digital Signage not only informs employees about pivotal events, production metrics, and safety data but also fosters a profound sense of belonging to the brand.

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