hivestack digital signage integration

Hivestack has seamlessly integrated with the Voome platform

Voome has seamlessly integrated Hivestack into its Digital Signage platform, enhancing the management of programmatic Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising.

In the realm of Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising, Programmatic Advertising is triggering a paradigm shift in how businesses showcase their products and services in public spaces like streets, shopping malls, airports, and train stations.

This progressive methodology furnishes an array of advantages for both advertisers and ad network operators, ushering in novel avenues to harness the potential of digital signage displays.

At the heart of Programmatic Advertising lies its dynamic and responsive nature. Empowered by this technology, advertising spaces can be procured and traded in real-time through an automated framework. This empowers advertisers to fine-tune their campaigns, ensuring precision targeting and personalized content delivery to their intended audience.

The benefits of Programmatic Advertising in the realm of OOH advertising are manifold:

1. Enhanced Effectiveness: The programmatic approach enables the outreach to a more pertinent and engaged audience, consequently elevating campaign efficacy while curbing resource wastage.

2. Flexibility and Timeliness: Advertisers are equipped to promptly modify their campaigns in response to real-time data updates such as weather conditions, special events, or traffic patterns. This real-time adaptability fuels contextually relevant and captivating communication.

3. Augmented Control: Programmatic Advertising empowers advertisers with heightened authority over content dissemination, target audience selection, and budget allocation.

4. Optimized Performance: Leveraging advanced data analytics and algorithms, this approach facilitates precise campaign optimization and accurate measurement of its impact.

The fusion of Programmatic Advertising with Digital Signage systems represents a logical progression towards harnessing the full potential of available communication screens. Capitalizing on cloud-based content management software, centralized and streamlined advertising management becomes feasible. Certain software solutions seamlessly merge with Out-of-Home (OOH) frameworks, transforming networks of displays into cohesive programmatic advertising ecosystems.

Among the Digital Signage software offerings, Voome emerges as a standout player, serving as a versatile conduit to morph your display network into a dynamic advertising arena. Within the Voome platform, one can seamlessly program brand communication during the day and strategically spotlight chosen OOH networks during the night. This elasticity maximizes screen potential, thereby amplifying revenue from ad space sales.

A pivotal inclusion within the Voome landscape is the integration of Hivestack, which joins forces with platforms like Adform and Pladway to constitute an inbound nexus within the ecosystem. This comprehensive amalgamation empowers advertisers to access a diverse spectrum of advertising prospects, augmenting the potency of their campaigns.

Per recent insights from Nielsen’s Ad Intel report for May 2023, the OOH market has surged by a remarkable 16.4%. This data attests to the pertinence and efficacy of Programmatic Advertising within the OOH domain, as advertisers increasingly embrace this strategy to attain more impactful and efficient outcomes.

The ongoing evolution and convergence of technologies such as Voome and Hivestack herald a vibrant trajectory for the OOH market, unveiling captivating prospects for enterprises striving to showcase their offerings and for ad network operators seeking to optimize monetization of advertising spaces.


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